Slap in the face(feat ILY)-cover

Slap In The Face

Band :
Title : Slap In The Face
Release Date : June 2, 2017
Label :
Catalog ref. : REHNCDS021
Format : Digital Download

Maximani’s newest release (release WW – June 2:nd) ‘Slap In The Face’ is what happends when you realize just how unlucky you were having spent years of your time and love on somebody who doesn’t deserve you.

As if ILY’s edgy voice wasn’t enough, you get a chance to actually feel exactly what she means when singing ‘All that I’ve got was just a slap in the face’.

ILY is the voice you heard onVibe’ Summerburst festival official anthem “Vibe” 2015.

In Maximani’s futurebass-funky soundscape lays an undertone of fervency which wants to transform into other genres but gets restrained by the slow bpm and stays within the penetrating power of popmusic.

Maximani started to write and produce 2013 and was soon asked to remix an old Swedish funk legend (Paulo Mendonca – “Me and my friends.)
When Maximani decided to start producing more music where he sings himself he ended up in a studio complex with ,amongst others,  Albin Myers, Familjen and John Dahlbäck There, Maximani was asked by Aviciis manager to do a cover of one of his acts ‘CAZZETTE’ . This resulted in a track where Maximani did all the instruments solely with his mouth and fingers.
Not long afterwards Maximani released “Drop This Beat” that entered the dance floor Spotify Digster lists and quickly got  more than 200,000 spins.
With a personal, emotional text about a lost love combined with a razor sharp beat that cuts through the heart’ Maximani hope to take the next step in his career.