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Band :
Title : Tomorrow
Release Date : April 28, 2017
Label :
Catalog ref. : REHNCDS016
Format : Digital Download
RHYMES – Tomorrow

When the successful band Frantic Sunday took a break in 2016,  the new band RHYMES arose from the ashes! The new single “Tomorrow” – released April 28th – A brand new adventure. Punk in your soul, pop in your face.

It has gone quite fast for us, says the singer and front man Tomas, we started the band 2016, and we´re already signed to REHN MUSIC GROUP
“Tomorrow” will be our fourth single.
The debut single “Drama” rotated on Swedish Radio in 2016. releases “Refugees Welcome” in November, and” Now “in January followed but” Tomorrow “is something else:
– “Tomorrow” is a real festival single, full of energy and positive energy, says Tomas.
First single out on RMG is “Tomorrow” , released on Spotify and other digital music services April 28, 2017.
Like Chuck Berry on coke. Howlin ‘Pelle on acid….. After a Rhymes-gig, the question that pops up in your mind is…..: what are you on…!!?
Rhymes was founded in Uppsala in January 2016 and the drug is called music. Music that breaks down the barriers between the audience and the band, music becomes blind energy that takes over everything in the room and fills your head. After the last notes of the premiere concert, the crowd continued to sing. And regardless of what has been and what is to come, there is only now.
The members of Rhymes have all played in other Swedish bands before. The singer Tomas Karlsson fronted Uppsala Quartet Frantic Sunday, they did over 130 shows in the US, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway and Sweden, and got three singles on rotation on the National Radio P3.
( “The City is listening”, “Heart Beats and Sound Systems”, and “We’re the Future” great reviews in both the Bulletin Board (5/6) as the VF (4/5), Sundsvall newspaper (4/5) and Arbetarbladet (4/5).
“5/5 … So good that I want to put six out of 5 points … nothing less than magical. I leave the scene speechless, exhausted and totally happy. “(David Olgarsson, Dagbladet)
Tomas Karlsson, vocals.
Adam Ehlert, drums
Oscar Lindeberg, bass
Erik Eklund, guitar