You´re Not Alone (Aldrig ensam)

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Title : You´re Not Alone (Aldrig ensam)
Release Date : September 8, 2017
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Catalog ref. : REHNCDS023
Format : Digital Download

Kristofer Greczula together with the aldrigensam organization announce the release of the single “You’re Not Alone”, available on September 8.

When Charlie Eriksson, the man behind the Aldrigensam organization called Kristofer Greczula about creating a theme song for the project, he was surprised to hear that Kristofer already had the perfect song.
Aldrigensam’s objective is to break the silence and taboo around mental health, and as Charlie found out, Kristofer has personal experience in this area. He had a song idea from a particularly difficult time in his life, written as a letter to himself to remind him that things would eventually get better.
Kristofer says; “I’m incredibly honoured to have the privilege to write the official song for Aldrigensam. I hope our collaboration will contribute to less mental health problems.”

Every six minutes somebody takes their own life. These are preventable human tragedies. We must have the courage to talk about mental health, especially amongst young people. We’re breaking the silence.

On the surface, Charlie Eriksson’s life was perfect. He was a high achieving student in Kalmar with lots of friends, and plans of travelling to Nice as an exchange student. But inside, the stress was mounting. He ended up with severe depression, panic attacks and several attempted suicides. The last attempt saw Charlie in a ventilator, with doctors calling his parents to give the news no parent wants to receive; that you’re child might not make it.

Someone else who has grown up in the same area and who is also of a similar age is the artist Kristofer Greczula.
In high school he suffered from severe acne. No treatments or medications helped his skin and he felt his mental health decline. He was then offered a strong drug with severe side effects which eased the acne, but Kristofer ended up with depression and mental health issues. During these dark and difficult times he wrote the text to “You’re Not Alone” as a letter of comfort to himself.

Charlie Eriksson and Kristofer Greczula are excited to launch this song together to bring mental health into the light and spread hope to all who are struggling with their mental health. It gets better. Together we can save lives.

Kristofer takes his inspiration artistically and musically from Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith and The Beatles. Among the newer artists Kristofer has great respect for Alicia Keys, Adele, Ryan Adams and Daft Punk to name a few.

The debut single “Taste”, released last spring, is a mix between pop, rock and dance with references to the 60’s and 70’s but with a modern personal approach.
The video for “TASTE” was recorded in New York early May by Joakim Carlsson

Kristofer Greczula – Taste (Official Video)