Hamburg, DEU, 06.10.2016: Theodore, griechischer vocalist, Komponist, multi-instrumentalist und performer. Aktuelles Album 2016  It Is But Its Not. Auftritt im Kaiserkeller der Grossen Freiheit 36. #musicoftheodore #Theodore #ItIsButItsNot #Kaiserkeller #GrosseFreiheit36 #Theodoremusic #Theodore2016 #Theodoreband #malzkorn #stefanmalzkorn #malzkornsrocknroll #malzkornfoto #Hamburgphotographer #Hamburgfotograf #Musikinhamburg #Rockinhamburg ACHTUNG HONORARPFLICHTIG – KEIN VERTRAGSFOTOGRAF | Hamburg, GER, 06.10.2016: Theodore,  vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer of greek origin; Performing live at Kaiserkeller Grosse Freiheit 36. He released his 2nd album second album It Is But Its Not in 2016 | [ © Stefan Malzkorn, Steinbeker Strasse 14, 20537 H a m b u r g, Tel.: +49-40-345402; , Kontoverbindung bitte beim Fotografen erfragen - Banking Link: please get in touch with us for our banking details., Steuer-Nr: 42/152/01106 Finanzamt Hamburg am Tierpark, KSK-Nr. 39040963M007. Verwendung nur gegen Namensnennung, Honorar und Beleg - Presseveroeffentlichungen in DEU zzgl. 7% Mwst auf grundlage der MFM; bei Verwendung des Fotos ausserhalb journalistischer Zwecke bitte Ruecksprache mit dem Fotografen halten. Soweit nicht ausdruecklich vermerkt werden keine Modellfreigabe-, Eigentums-, Kunst- oder Markenrechte eingeraeumt. Die Nutzungen erfolgt ausschliesslich auf Grundlage meiner unter einsehbaren Allgemeinen Geschaftsbedingungen (AGB)  publication only with royalty payment, credit line, and print sample. Unless especially stated: no model release, property release or other third party rigths available. No distribution without our written permission.] [#0,26,121#]

Theodore is announced to play at Eurosonic in January

Theodore is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer. He fuses classical composition with electronic elements to create beautifully atmospheric and often cinematic songs. His sound is characterized by these contrasting styles, allowing a broad scope of movement from ethereal to post rock.

From early on in his career, Theodore has shown the signs of a prominent talent with great prospects. His unique mélange of influences, from Pink Floyd and Radiohead to a schooling in piano and traditional Greek folk music, has already taken him from Church Studios to the Temple of Zeus and to supporting Sigur Ros at Release Athens Festival in 2016. Theodore’s live gigs have turned into real word-of-mouth events, as they are both mesmerizing and memorable due to his unique performance and the talented musicians that surround him.

Debut Album ‘It Is But It’s Not’

It Is But It’s Not has Theodore playing piano, guitar, synthesizer and glockenspiel, while his bandmates add rock instrumen- tation alongside an elegant string section. Written and arranged by Theodore the album was co-produced by

Clive Martin (Queen, Reef) and mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, Moby, M83) over two years in London, and then performed live at the fabled Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios.

Back in the studio, he is now recording his upcoming album that will be released in 2018 on United We Fly. Having performed at Live at Heart in Örebro and Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg in September 2017, his future plans include a tour in Spain, Germany, Poland and the UK, ESNS in Janurary, 2018 and SXSW in March, 2018.